Selamat siang!

Hello it's me Intan - welcome to my little bali in vienna community and shop. Its  a community and shop address in 23 district Vienna, all products are handmade by over 17.504 island from my home born country Indonesia. I explore this magnificent stuff, during my travel to each island. this product handmade with local island people, this highly quality product offer you untold historical island, hold their own wild tribe history, and hold powerful love massage ready to deliver from local island hand, feels and let that vibes accompany you around, And I wait for you to join me  on every Sunday and Monday to give you free treatment and free Indonesian food.  


السلام عليكم

The Idea

Since i grow up in Indonesia and always lived and prefered a simple life i developed my own understanding of fashion and beauty. I always used directly plants and raw materials - fruits, herbs or leaves from the jungle with old knowledge and experience. So i became a hudge fan of natural and organic products - which i want to share with a community here in vienna and also want to sell only natural and organic products, when it comes to body care. Me also loves natural wooden accessories which i want to promote here in vienna and which are hand selected by me in local stores from lombok, bali and other places. Please have a look into my shop.







little bali in vienna

Rudolf-Zellergasse 48


1230 Vienna, Austria

"It´s not the eyes are blind but it´s the heart."